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Uncontainability Pours Forth: Rhyme, Meter & Form in BAP 2007    Maryann Corbett


Joyce La Mers's Light Lunch    Anna Evans


Featured Poet    Annie Finch

Fireflies    X.J. Kennedy

Summer Lightning    Rick Mullin

Miss Ross    Chris Bullard

Ruminations on Answering her Telephone Personal    Dan Simpson

In a Black & White World    Kathryn Jacobs

Sleeping Hermaphrodite    James Wilk

Natural for a Man    Jee Leong Koh

A Beginner's Guide to Tasting Psychotropics    Jenn Koiter

Turista    Mike Alexander

A Twist of Skirt in the Sunset    Jonathan Gourlay

First at the Scene    Vivian Axiotis

Moving House in the San Joaquin Valley    Michael Homolka

An Interplanetary Love Sonnet    John Whitworth

Living Alone    Quincy Lehr

Suspect    Danielle Mebert

Villanella    Carol Taylor

Charon    Brian Dion

Tanka    Kris Bigalk

Philadelphia Murder-a-Day Blues    Kelley Jean White

Superman Sweatshirt in Wartime    Dominic DiBernardi

July 10th 2006: the News    Daniel Janeiro

Presidential Panned-toum    Sharon Burris

Four Diversions for an Englishman    Jeffrey Woodward

Three Poems    Connie Bryson

World Poetry

Lines from Petronius    Eric Martin

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