Four Diversions for an Englishman

Admonition for the Door

Evangelist, con-artist, demagogue,
Whose siege of leafleting I’ve met before,
Pause, and consider well: Beware the dog.
Nor disbelieve this sign, nor test my door.


How Hera, Olympian divinity,
Restored, in a bath, her virginity
Is a fable whose spring
Shall profitably bring
Many nuns to frequent that vicinity.

A Song of Experience

O western wind, when wilt thou blow,
And the small rain more than feign?
Christ! That my girl might keep her own flat
And my checkbook balance, again.

Sotto Voce: Apologies to Campion

When to our bed Corinna brings
Mackerel, crackers and such-like things,
Her sighs, more than her presence, prove
How patience is the breath of love
And if, next morning, passion come,
She’ll woo, with patience, bone and crumb.

by Jeffrey Woodward

Jeffrey Woodward resides in Detroit. His poems and articles appear widely in periodicals in the USA, UK, Canada and Australia including, most recently, Acumen (England), Blue Unicorn, International Poetry Review, Poem, Re: Arts & Letters, The Christian Century, Galley Sail Review, The Hypertexts, Lines Review (Scotland), The Lyric, Envoi (Wales), Plains Poetry Journal, South Coast Poetry Journal, Studio (Australia), New Hope International (England) and many others.

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