Photo by James Hannibal Copyright 2006

Sleeping Hermaphroditelisten

Roman copy after work attributed to Polykles of Attica
ca. 160 B.C., Paris, Musee du Louvre

How peacefully you sleep! Your sinuous form
has cast aside the bed sheets to reveal
smooth marble skin, as sultry as a warm
Aegean night. Midnight voyeurs, we steal
a glimpse of rounded breast as you embrace
the pillow where you rest your youthful head
and slender neck. Aroused, our gazes trace
your torso, spine and rounded hips, your bed
yielding, like us, to each delicious curve.
Not sated by the sinews of your thighs,
your calves and feet, but starving to observe
what men desire, we shift to glimpse what lies
between your nubile loins and gasp in shock
when we behold your stiff, tumescent cock.

by James Wilk

James Wilk is a physician in Denver, Colorado, specializing in internal medicine and medical disorders complicating pregnancy. His poetry has recently appeared in Measure, The Lyric, The Blue Unicorn, The Yale Journal for Humanities in Medicine, The Pharos, The Panhandler Quarterly and others. His first chapbook, Shoulders, Fibs and Lies will be released in Spring, 2008.

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