A Journal of Formal & Metrical Verse


People often ask me how I find the time to edit two poetry journals. Sometimes I point out to them that I am actually involved with four––in addition to the Barefoot Muse and The Raintown Review, I am on the editorial board of Up & Under, the journal published by the Quick & Dirty Poets, and I am the online editor for the Schuylkill Valley Journal. Anyway, my short answer has always been that I don't have a day job. (My longer answer also calls attention to the devotion and efforts of my Associate Editor Quincy R. Lehr over at TRR, and my Assistant Editor Nick Friedman here at the Muse.)

Alas, the day job thing is no longer precisely true. Now, Mr. Evans is probably a shadowy figure to most of my readers, apart from the ones who happen to live locally and have attended one of my featured readings. They will know him as the guy who stands at the back, claps enthusiastically, and leaves to find a bar before the Open Mic.

Anyway, Mr. Evans has parted company with Twinings North America after six happy years, in order to start his own sales and marketing consultancy business, Global Bridge LLC. (Yes, I did the website.) So, yours truly is the co-owner, or, as I like to put it, the Vice-President of Everything Else, Mr. Evans being very, very expert at sales and marketing, but NOT alas very detail-oriented when it comes to administration or accounts, and definitely NOT as computer-savvy as I am.

How this will all hang together with the requirements of my four journals I don't yet know, but rest assured I have no intention of giving up on the Muse, now entering her sixth year of publication, which makes us quite old money in online journal terms. And this issue is a classic––Jehanne Dubrow is our featured poet, and there are fantastic poems from familiar faces such as Carol Taylor, Peter Branson and Maryann Corbett, as well as some new names I think you will love, like Eric Norris, David Hirzel and Laura Maffei. So, enjoy, and if you know of any business needing sales and marketing advice, please think of Global Bridge!

Anna Evans, Editor, the Barefoot Muse