Jennifer Reeser

Jennifer is the author of An Alabaster Flask, winner of the Word Press First Book Prize, and Winterproof, reviewed in this issue and available from Word Press and Amazon. Her poems, essays, and translations of Russian and French literature appear internationally in such journals as POETRY, The National Review, Salt, The Formalist, Louisiana Literature, Chronicles: A Magazine of American Culture and The Dark Horse. Her work is gathered in numerous print and online anthologies, including Longman's Introduction to Poetry, edited by X.J. Kennedy and Dana Gioia, and Phoenix Rising: The Next Generation of American Formal Poets, The Alsop Review (which also produces her CD as part of its Spoken Word series), and Famous Poets and Poems Online.



Mardi Gras Mannequinlisten

On the Anniversary of a Natural Disaster

The Night Without

For Dana, Who Wants Unclaimed Groundlisten

Her verse and vocals have been set to music by art song composer Lori Laitman, and the American recording artist Briareus. She has three times been nominated for the Pushcart Prize, and received awards from the World Order of Narrative and Formalist Poets and The Lyric magazine. Jennifer has given lectures, readings and seminars at the high school and junior high levels, as well as on college campuses and community venues from New York City to the US Gulf Coast. She is the former assistant editor to Iambs & Trochees, and lives in southern Louisiana.

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