Barefoot Muse

A Journal of Formal & Metrical Verse

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On Intellectual Substance    C.E. Chaffin

Shades of Green: Translators and Gawain    Maryann Corbett


Jennifer Reeser's Winterproof    Anna Evans


Featured Poet    Jennifer Reeser

Pleistocene Reliclisten    Tiel Aisha Ansari

Redeeming Miss Molkeigh    Peter Branson

Gossiplisten    Kim Bridgford

The Happy Heart    Lois Harrod

Yellow Fever Cemetery, Martin, Tennessee    William Flowers

Seen From Above    Janet Kenny

Janelisten    E. Shaun Russell

Hypochondriacal    Paul Hostovsky

My Guardian Angel    David Landrum

One Night to Spare    Johnny Longfellow

A Glimpse    Peter Swanson

The Napkinlisten    Kyle Potvin

Villanelle for the Status Quo    Susan Peters

Trouble    James Scannell McCormick

White    Ellie Biswell

Grandpa Says    James Wilk

What to Do with Your Limbs    Amber Norwood

Derelictslisten    Paul Fraleigh

Publicitylisten    Peter Austin

The Dying Artistlisten    Scott Miller

Urological Love Song    Chris O'Carroll

My Papa's Twist    Peter Swanson

Two Poems    J.Patrick Lewis

Once You Allow Swallows to Wallow    Edmund Conti

World Poetry

Rilke, Sonnets to Orpheus, First Series, 20 and 24listen    Translated by T.P. Perrin

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