Photo by K. Evans Copyright 2006

Cupid at the Drive-In

He lands at dusk, and kicks up stones and dirt
against the redwood fence. It's Dollar Night;
the cars fan out along the farthest rows.
He wheels into a space between a chopped
and channeled Ford on one side and a super-
charged Camaro on the other, spreads
his jacket with the Harley wings against
the sissy bar, and settles back to watch
the clock's hand on the screen wind down
to show-time. The girls look out through glass
beginning to steam, and see his silver chopper
gleaming in the night. The boys remember
charts of how to strip and disassemble
costly things. He lights a joint and smiles.

From Situation Normal. First published in The Reaper. Copyright © 1981, 2006 by Jared Carter.

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