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The Future of the Fourteen Liner    Anna Evans


Modern Metrics Press    Anna Evans

Jared Carter's Cross This Bridge at a Walk    Anna Evans


Featured Poet    Jared Carter

A December Wish    Leo Yankevich

Round—After Hearing Dufay's Rondeau
"Adieu M'Amour"
   Penny Harter

Sleepless Love Triolet    Bruce Niedt

From Virtual Conversations    Allen M. Weber

Confessions    Michael Battram

At Gettysburg College, October 2005    Sander Zulauf

40-Proof Cutpurse    Scotty Blake

Feathers, a Ghazal    Tiel Aisha Ansari

The Queen    Reagan Upshaw

A Farmer Mom Advises Mary Lynn    Leland Jamieson

A Meditation on Dactylic Hexameter    Maryann Corbett

Expanding on Voltaire's Grammar    J. Patrick Lewis

A Formal Vase    Sally Cook

Selections from Sonnets by Degree    Robert Klein Engler

What Happened To My Lebanon?    Harriet Leach

Bitterroot Moon Trader, 1805    Eve Anthony Hanninen

Ballade of Madame Bovary    Gail White

Love Test: A Ghazal    Diane Lockward

At Rocky's Bar    David W. Landrum

Two Double Dactyls    T.P.Perrin

Comparative Ornithology & Two Poems    Chris O'Carroll

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