The Barefoot Muse

A Journal Of Formal & Metrical Verse

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Salt Marsh by Erin McGee Copyright 2006



How to Write a Sestina    Anna Evans

Informal Insufficiency: Sappho and the Necessity of Form in Translation    Ian Devine


The Ultimate Sestina: James' Cummins The Whole Truth    Anna Evans


Incest Taboo    Denise Duhamel

Refractory of Rain    Leland Jamieson

After the Hurricane    Adele Bourne

A Survivor Thinks of Friends After a Natural Disaster    P. S. Richards

Trent Valley Station    Harry Bird

Occupational Hazard    Martin Itzkowitz

66    Catherine Chandler

Empty Confessional    Kate Bernadette Benedict

Reading at the Mall    Richard Bank

Your Missing Piece    Bruce Niedt

Collaboration    Carol Taylor

Queen of Carthage    Melissa Lambert

A Translation from Marina Tsvetaeva    Andrey Kneller

US Verse, After Auden    Michael Burch

How to Write a Sestina    Edmund Conti

Five Feet    Chris O'Carroll

New Jersey River Rhymes   Edmund Conti
and Hamlet in a Hurry   

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