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What Once You Loved by Allison Joseph

"In literature, the word paradox is used to describe two things that appear side by side that are apparent contradictions but that somehow reveal a truth. Paradoxes. Like how, in Allison Joseph, you'll find a poet who is both sassy and sincere. Sly and straightforward. Playful and genuine. Mischievous and earnest. Accessible yet complicated. Lyric and narrative. Formal and rhyming sometimes but all the while seemingly effortless. She'll entertain you and before you know what hit you, you'll also realize that you've been educated and edified as well. She is that rare talent in the poetry world, a writer who can delight her audience at the same time that she helps them to understand themselves, and the world in which they live, a little better. She is a gift to the world—of letters and language—and she is genuinely one of the funniest and most soulful human beings I've ever had the privilege of knowing. The bottom line: if you think you don't like poetry, you just haven't heard Allison Joseph—yet." ~ Stacey Lynn Brown

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