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Allison Joseph is an American poet, editor and professor. She is author of six poetry collections, most recently, My Father's Kites: Poems (Steel Toe Books, 2010).

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About Allison Joseph's previous collections:

Of Mercurial: "...a gorgeous ruby of a chapbook, which reminds me of all the fun and sass to be had when writing in traditional form ... and how vital and affirming it is to read about women's bodies" ~ Aimee Nezhukumatathil

"In literature, the word paradox is used to describe two things that appear side by side that are apparent contradictions but that somehow reveal a truth. Paradoxes. Like how, in Allison Joseph, you'll find a poet who is both sassy and sincere. Sly and straightforward. Playful and genuine. Mischievous and earnest. Accessible yet complicated. Lyric and narrative. Formal and rhyming sometimes but all the while seemingly effortless. " ~ Stacey Lynn Brown

Of My Father's Kites: "Joseph's sonnets about her father do not only reside in the realm of tribute. She questions some of his behavior; she describes the belongings he left behind (credit cards, business cards, a camera, and more); she discusses the funeral arrangements. She compresses, no, molds all these reflections and considerations into 14-line poems, with variations of rhyme schemes." ~ Howard Ramsby

Release date: May 5 2017.

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