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Saint-Pol-Roux & Other Poems from the French

Saint-Pol-Roux was a French poet associated with the Symbolist Movement, who is largely unknown today outside his native country. This book brings together rare English verse translations of six of his best loved poems, along with translations of significant works by seven other important French poets.

"The poems Anna Evans translates tend to be about absence, dreams, the evanescent and the lost; even when she translates La Fontaine—most tangibly quotidian of all French poets—she chooses one anecdote about impossibility, another about sly ambiguity. She has a wonderful ear for tone—her louche, blues-y Baudelaire is a real joy—and the technical chops to back up her ambition; if there is a better version of Rimbaud's 'Le Bateau Ivre' I haven't come across it. This book is all pleasure; it gives evidence of a real and distinctive talent, able to be gaudy when appropriate, equally able to touch the heart with the language of quiet reflection." — Dick Davis.

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The sky, shrouded in its mourning crepe,
squats on the human tragedy of the bank.
The guard's spear has a look of this fierce shape—
a snake's tongue at the end of its wood shank.

Among the nails, wolf-men to left and right,
tremulous as the flank of a hunted hind,
the Lamb is dying, devastated by hate—
he who gave his soul and all he owned.

"Forgive them!" Jesus moans into the storm:
in its force his bones—like an axle—crumple.
Meanwhile, the blood that weeps from his head will form
coral pearls upon his martyr's temple.

Beneath a heedless tree, a toad wearing clothes,
Judas cradles his remorse in the ravine,
and they say that the stars above killed themselves
so they'd never look like pieces of silver again.

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