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Shadows & Gifts

Quincy R. Lehr is a butt-scratching imbecile with bad personal hygiene. His most recent book is The Dark Lord of the Tiki Bar (2015), and he lives in Los Angeles where he pisses off Bozos with his big-dick energy and #louwbre.

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Quincy Lehr’s poems in Shadows and Gifts make a thrillingly distinctive music—lively, colloquial, felt. He knows that the purpose of poetic form is not arithmetical, quaintly counting on fingers and toes (as so many do) out of a vague atavism for meter but, rather, to make words sing. From children’s rhymes to Eliotic rag to Juvenalian satire to punk lyric to the sighs of a suicide, Lehr scores the scenes of modern life. His songs are scathing, but with a tacit sweetness, and eminently danceable. So, don’t be a wallflower. It’s late. The music’s thrumming in the other room and things are starting to get a little crazy back there!
David Yezzi

Quincy Lehr—enfant terrible and trained historian—applies his characteristic knife-edge humor to critiquing a crass, capitalistic landscape populated by pink Energizer bunnies, Bluetooth-wearing yuppies, and aging hipsters. But beyond the satirical voice, what drives Shadows and Gifts is Lehr’s eye for the details that matter and his musical, metrical talents.
Jehanne Dubrow

'Mene mene tekel upharsin.' Like a latter-day Daniel, Quincy Lehr has arrived at Belshazzar's Feast to interpret the writing on the wall, and extrapolate it in tightly wrought verses. In vehemently crafted forms reminiscent of Clough, Laforgue or early Eliot, this angry if no longer quite so young man casts a cold eye on the carnivals of fools and knaves that is American life. The academic world of post-radical careerists comes in for serious deconstruction, nor are his fellow scribes spared the lash: 'though you wouldn’t know it/that jerk-off in a business suit calls himself a poet.' Old Possum defined poetry as rhythmical grumbling, and Quincy Lehr has produced another electric, bass-heavy kvetch, full of finely honed couplets and crushing riffs. America: read, laugh, weep, applaud.
Michael O'Loughlin

Release date: March 2nd, 2013.

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