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Back Road

Jim Burrows lives in Cordell, Oklahoma. His work has recently appeared in The Rotary Dial, Antiphon, and Measure.

Feeder of dark birds,
thoroughfare of drunks
and drowning farmers,
river to somewhere,
elsewhere, anywhere... (From "Back Road")

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"Jim Burrows writes a poem of measured and forlorn beauty that warms us with seemingly minute details: the burrs on frayed shoelaces, a missed haybale at the edge of a field. With a cinematographer's eye, he makes the ordinary landscape and the houses and rooms therein haunted, night or day. These poems have a fine restraint yet are not afraid to make strong judgments where needed. The rhythms and wisdom of (dare I say it?) Auden and the long light of the Midwest fallen to shadows as deep as a Hopper painting reveal a unique voice and vision. The best of what I love in poetry is found here in Back Road: wit, music, formal accuracy, subtlety, and emotional risk that seems to me both deeply imaginative and honest."
~John Poch

"Jim Burrows's powerful first collection Back Road takes back to a place that never arrives: a rural landscape haunted by its obscurity and past—its Dust Bowl, its poverty, both literal or otherwise, its kids bored to depravity—a region where what some call 'common,' be it word or world, takes on the radiance of things seen with an oddly raw precision, an honesty and grace. Here we find lines laid down like little bricks, each one weighted, necessary, shaped, void of an ostentation whose subtext is evasion. Such is the work of a highly seasoned craftsman with a keen sense of what matters, what a culture in the margins might bear and how beauty as central teaches us to bear it. I love this book."
~Bruce Bond

Release date: January 31 2015.

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