Balcony Scene

Quoth a lusty young buck from Verona,
"Yon Miss Capulet gives me a bona.
Since I crashed her Dad's party.
I've throbbed with a hearty
Desire to be her organ dona."

Quoth Juliet, "Being untapped and young,
With my hottest love songs yet unsung,
I thrill to lush words
About flowers and birds.
Slip me more of sweet Romeo's tongue."

Zeus on Courtship

I'm a swan, I'm a bull, I'm a shower
Of gold in her lap! Feel the power!
I woo her or rape her;
Sometimes I reshape her--
Say, into a cow once I plow her.

by Chris O'Carroll

Chris O'Carroll has never played Romeo (nor Juliet, for that matter), but his acting credits do include the roles of Friar Lawrence, Capulet, and the Apothecary. Chris appeared recently in Henry V with Lost Nation Theater (Vermont), A Midsummer Night's Dream with Theater at Monmouth (Maine), and Splitting Heirs and Dreamtime with Mill Mountain Theatre (Virginia). You can read his poems in The Chimaera, 14 by 14, Measure, The Raintown Review, Umbrella, and other print and online journals.

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