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A Journal Of Formal & Metrical Verse

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Letters to the Editor


An Annotated Checklist of English Versification    Jeffrey Woodward

A Study of Twentieth Century Bahanic Fragments    Mary Meriam


T.S. Kerrigan's The Shadow Sonnets and Other Poems    Anna Evans

Rhymes for Adults edited by Mary Alexandra Agner    Anna Evans


Featured Poet    T.S. Kerrigan

Brooklyn, July    Reagan Upshaw

Alchemy    Donna Lee Van Cott

Saturday Edition    Maryann Corbett

America I Yearn For    Anne Babson

The Heroine and the Can    Angela J. Perry

Clocks    Philip Miller

Lookin' for Lucinda G.    Janice D. Soderling

Contained Within is a Contrary Seed...    R. Nemo Hill

Two Cinquains    Morgan Grayce Willow

To My Lover, After Our Discussion of Poetry    Gail White

Weaving Our Lives    Ann Leamon

The Next Morning    Juleigh Howard-Hobson

World in Hand    Nigel Holt

Ellen in Egypt    Mary Alexandra Agner

Faces    Sally Cook

New Mother Reading
& Since You Asked
   Ona Gritz

Lessons in Period    Mark Blaeuer

Fellow Travelers    Melanie Houle

Crooked Streets    Carol Frith

Afraid of Thunder    Ray Pospisil

On a Workshopped Poem    Joseph S. Salemi

Sodom & Gomorrah    John Larkin

Three Double Dactyls    Chris O'Carroll

World Poetry

Prince of Lilies (French & English)    Richard Vallance

Life's Evil Have I Met With...    Eugenio Montale trans. Jake Spatz

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