Who's Afraid?

My sister takes reception class and prides
herself on spinning yarns: at five years old
the kids when entertained are good as gold,
and learn a lot from fairy tales besides.
They loved the story of the pig who tries
to build a house of straw—the one the bold
and wicked wolf will wreck—a tale best told
in detail, showing all it signifies.

"The pig," she told them, "found a turnip bed
made out of straw and asked if he could dig
a little up. Guess what the farmer said?"
"I know," cried Jude, one hand above her head,
and standing (since she wasn't very big):
"Well, bugger me—here comes a talking pig!"

Whoís Afraid?" originally appeared in Light Quarterly in October 2002.

David Gwilym Anthony is a British businessman who lives with his family in Stoke Poges, close to the churchyard where Gray wrote his Elegy, a source of much inspiration. His latest book, Talking To Lord Newborough, is available from Barnes & Noble and internet booksellers. Visit David's Website

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