Established 2011
Managing Editor:
Anna M. Evans
P.O. Box 115
Hainesport, NJ 08036

2016 Open Reading Period

Barefoot Muse Press has produced some beautiful chapbooks and collections including Quincy R. Lehr's Heimat, Heidi Czerwiec's Self Portrait as Bettie Page and Linda Stern's Why We Go By Twos. We pride ourselves on picking books not for their authors' name value, or for their saleability, but for the opportunity to bring work we love to the page.

Submit to the 2017 Open Reading period.

Please submit your manuscript as a file attachment with one of the following file extensions: .doc .docx .rtf. Manuscripts should contain 25-60 pages of poetry. Poems should demonstrate an allegiance to meter/form.

Barefoot Muse Press is committed to running open reading periods, on an annual basis when possible, with no reading fee. Note: Barefoot Muse Press is a micropress designed to break even. With no reading fee comes no royalties. Barefoot Muse Press shall provide selected authors with 20 free copies of the book. Thereafter authors shall be able to purchase copies of the Book at 50% of the agreed cover price plus exact delivery charge.